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As your association, CSBA is committed to providing the information you need and supporting your efforts to care for and educate students during this challenging period. We can do that best when we know what you need, where you’re hurting, and how we can provide some relief. To help determine that information, please complete these brief surveys on the impact of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Member Questions, Suggestions and Support

CSBA would like to commend California’s education leaders for confronting the challenges presented by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). As you continue to serve students and community during this unprecedented time, we want to facilitate that work and advocate on your behalf.

We can do this most effectively when we receive detailed information about the pressures you face, the concerns you hold and the assistance you require. With that in mind, please take a few moments to submit a question or a suggestion for CSBA staff. We promise to read every question and we will compile them into a COVID-19 FAQ on our webpage.

We understand these are demanding times with innumerable questions and few easy answers. As the organization representing nearly 1,000 school districts and county offices of education, we hope to provide — to the extent possible — clarity, resources and relief. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, passion and concern; these are some of the greatest assets we have as we care for and educate California’s 6.2 million public school students during a time of profound crisis.